About Us


Pothigai Power is an Expert from Grid Power and Energy spectrum and committed to deliver the Services and projects for current and future needs.

Our Vision is "To Discover, Develop and Deliver Innovative Asset Management Solutions and Establish a Leadership position in order to create Benchmarks on Services that provide Support to the Domain of Power and Energy Engineering."

Our Mission is "To Anticipate our Customer Needs and bring Customer Delight by surpassing their Expectations. Pothigai Power will make continuous effort and serve to offset the Environmental Impact."

Pothigai Power Solutions offers its Services and solutions from Three Business Units.

Pothigai Power currently presents in the following area of expertise.


A. Services:

i. Field Engineering Services (FES)

1. Testing and Commissioning

2. Renovation and Modernization

3. Asset Maintenance

ii. Advanced Technical Services (ATS)

1. Engineering Consultancy and Design

2. System Study (Short Circuit, Protection Coordination, Harmonics studies and Field Fault Analysis)

iii. Expert Technical Service (ETS)

1. Training in Power and Energy Engineering

2. Energy Audit

B. I
ndustrial Automation

i. Machine Automation
ii. Process Automation

C. Industrial Distribution



List of Our Customers:


Our Project's End Users / Consultants